Block Paving

Block paving is the ideal way to free up extra space and your time. Imperial Paving can help you enjoy the benefits of doing less garden maintenance. Read more about the advantages of professional paving below. The chance to create a unique look when you want to create something a bit different from all the other gardens in your street, Imperial Paving can transform the look and feel of your outdoor space. Our work as a Hampshire paving company has seen us create a wide range of different looks to people’s properties and make them stand out for the right reasons.


If you have got a large lawn and lots of plants and hedges to look after, you will need storage space for all your garden tools. You can free up this space for other things by having paving put into your garden which is maintenance free.
When you choose Imperial Paving to work on your garden, you will not only get all the benefits above, you will also get a great new look you can be proud of.
Depending on the area you live in and type of property you have, a garden that takes less time and effort to maintain could be a positive selling point if you come to move in the future.


Whether it’s a new garden or an old garden wanting updated, Imperial paving can help you. Here are some things to think about that will help you and us to create the garden you always wanted:
What do you want to use the garden for – relaxing, parties, BBQ, kids, car parking etc?
Do you have kids and will they use the space?
Do you have pets?
How much time would you like to give up to garden maintenance?
Have you seen pictures of anything you liked or disliked?
What would be your ideal garden?

Garden Walls

Walls can provide colour, texture and interest to a garden plan or design. We use these materials in various ways, including raised planters, retaining walls or decorative brickwork incorporated into a paved area. Natural slopes can allow for the creation of different levels within a garden and our thoughtful choice of design and materials can be used to create a stunning effect.